Natural Dog Food for Senior Dogs

We've created a range of lighter senior dog recipes which contain specific ingredients and less fat to help your dog stay fitter for longer.

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2024 Best Wet Dog Food

Proud winners for our Grain Free range

Tailormade senior wet food recipes from Forthglade HQ in Devon

Our lighternutritionally balanced complete meals are tailored for older dogs aged 7+ years, and made at our factory in the heart of Dartmoor, Devon.

We take good quality ingredients, and add vitamins, oils and minerals to help your dog stay fitter for longer.

Available in grain free recipes for sensitive tummies or wholegrain recipes for easy digestion.

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Key Benefits

Tailor Made For Senior Dogs

To help your dog stay fitter for longer

Lighter Recipes

Our senior recipes contain 15% less fat than adult recipes

Complete Meal

Complete on it's own, or a great companion to our natural dry cold pressed or lightly baked

Healthy Joints & Bones

From high levels of chondroitin and glucosamine

Maintain Cognitive Function

From salmon oil, a great source of Omega 3

Healthy Digestion

Recipes include prebiotic chicory root extract

What makes our senior food different?

Watching your four legged friend grow old is a privilege but can also be a worry. We at Forthglade want to make sure your dog stays fitter for longer which is why we have developed our senior recipes which are lighter in fat and also have the added benefit of salmon oil for healthy joints and bones and essential omega 3.

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It's just important that we think about our senior dogs, to give them that tailored lifestyle, diet & exercise that they need to help keep them fitter for longer.
Dr James Greenwood, Veterinary Surgeon & Forthglade Ambassador
Hearts together

Moving your dog onto senior food

Read our blog for advice on how and when to make the transition to senior dog food.

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Expert pet advice

We’ve teamed up with celebrity media vet Dr James Greenwood to share his knowledge on keeping senior dogs happy and healthy. From dietary needs, recommended exercise and mental stimulation. James highlights his top tips to keep older dogs fitter for longer.

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Other ranges suitable for senior dogs

As well as our tailor made senior grain free and wholegrain complete wet recipes, our natural dry food, just complementary wet food and treats are all suitable for senior dogs too!

Just Complementary Wet Food

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With 90% protein, our Just 90 recipes should be fed alongside a mixer such as our dry dog food or other carbohydrates for optimum nutrition and health. This makes them perfect for tailoring mealtimes so your dog gets just what they need.

Natural Cold Pressed Dry Food

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Our cold pressed dry food is made using natural ingredients with added vitamins & minerals to ensure it contains everything your dog needs to stay happy & healthy. You can either feed Cold Pressed alone, or combine it with our wet food ranges if you prefer to mix up mealtimes.

Natural Grain Free Dog Treats

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Our natural treats are a great complement to your dog’s main source of food. Available in a range of flavours, our treats can be broken in two so perfect for training or easier portion control for smaller dogs. Suitable for dogs 2 months+

Love from our Ambassadogs

We've included a few tails from our beloved Ambassadogs. We asked the pack for their honest feedback of why they love our Forthglade senior food so much...

Maya is thriving on the new senior range, I have noticed an increase in her energy levels since feeding it, and it's great to know that are joints and bones are receiving the extra support they need.


Charlie absolutely loves the Forthglade senior range, he’s always been a fussy eater not really bothered about his food, but since we've fed Forthglade he can never get enough. He’s nearly 8 now, and I’ve got total peace of mind that their senior range is giving him the best nutritional support now he’s a little older.


Ella is a huge fan of the senior dog wet food range! She inhales all flavours, but she gets most excited for the fish. As she heads towards her 15th birthday, it’s important she gets high quality food and I love that it includes glucosamine and chondroitin which helps to keep her joints healthy so she can keep adventuring and looking super sleek and shiny whilst doing it!


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In order to provide your senior dog with the best possible nutrition for their life stage, we’ve increased the amount of lower calorie vegetables alongside wholegrain brown rice contained within each recipe - as well as having reduced the meat content to 60%.

This change helps to keep the calorie content of the food where it needs to be for older dogs who typically have slower metabolisms whilst still delivering them the expert nutrition they need to support their overall health & wellbeing.

Our senior recipes contain a tailored mix of vitamins & minerals designed to support your older dog. Senior recipes contain higher levels of Glucosamine & Chondroitin as well as Salmon Oil, rich in Omega-3, to support your dog's joints & bones during their senior years.

In addition, our senior recipes are 15% lower in fat than our equivalent adult recipes in order to help support your dog to maintain a healthy weight as they move into their (usually a little slower) senior years.

Much like us, as dogs get older, they tend to slow down a little and become less active – so it’s important to provide a calorie controlled diet to maintain a healthy weight during their senior years.

Our new recipes are designed to be lighter than adult recipes so that portion size doesn’t need to reduce for senior dogs.

All of our wet recipes are hypoallergenic. This means we carefully select our ingredients to ensure that our recipes are of the best quality for your four legged friend. We use simple, quality ingredients with no junk or nasties. This means delicious and nutritious recipes that are kind and gentle to your dogs tummy.

You can safely store your opened trays of Forthglade wet meals in the fridge for up to two days after opening, without any compromise to quality or flavour.

Need some more specific help or advice?

If you have a question about our senior recipes or any of our other ranges, please contact our expert customer service team.

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