Our Story

Since 1971, we've been producing quality, natural dog food in the heart of Devon. With over 50 years of expertise in pet nutrition, we've come to develop and produce a growing range of simple and wholesome wet dog food, dry dog food and treats.



Forthglade was founded by Basil Palmer & Doug Wilkins, who made a living visiting abattoirs and buying meat to sell into the pharmaceutical industry.

Basil began freezing meat from the abattoir to feed his own dog after finding that there was a significant lack of quality pet food available.


First Products

In a chance encounter with a pet food lorry that had broken down outside the factory, Basil & Doug sold their first 2 tonnes of tripe for pets.

That year, they launched their first product specifically aimed at pet owners – a 447g frozen block of raw tripe, which was sold through pet shops, kennels & breeders.

Over the next 10 years, more meats were added to the range, but it remained 100% frozen, raw food for pets.


Wet Food Ranges

Forthglade launched 'Menu', a complementary wet food range with 90% chicken/duck, minerals and just a little water. This range still exists today: Our 'Just 90%' Range.

Forthglade's first ever 'Lifestage Complete' range launched later that year, and included brown rice, vegetables & 75% protein - a mix that is still used in our Wholegrain Range.



After the business was bought by a handful of individuals, Forthlade rebranded to a new look & feel, and made our recipes specific for dogs (rather than catering to cats also).

The ranges remained the same, with frozen, complementary & complete with brown rice making up the majority of the business.


New Range, New Channels, New People

Forthglade stopped its raw frozen range, focusing on wet food and launching new grain free complete meals for dogs.

That year, a private equity business also joined forces with Forthglade, establishing a plan for further growth & investment, and two new directors joined the team.

In late 2015, after solely selling through distributors for 40 years, Forthglade began selling directly to customers for the first time through their website.


Our New Home

Alongside the launch of a new improved website and several new product launches, we completed the work on our new factory site - the first time in Forthglade history that we've had a site specifically designed for us.

We're happy to be settled in our home, which is nestled on the edge of Dartmoor National Park in the heart of the Devonian countryside.


National Trust Partnership

Forthglade partners with the National Trust on their Dogs Welcome project that helps people enjoy National Trust locations with their canine companions.

A co-branded range of National Trust gourmet dog dinners is also created, with purchases from this range supporting the National Trust's work.


Celebrating 50 Years

A special year for Forthglade as we mark our 50th birthday.

As the pioneers of natural wet dog food, our focus remains as strong today as it did when we started in 1971; making natural nutritious recipes with high-quality ingredients, no nasties and gentle cooking methods.

Join The Team

Forthglade is a really special place to be, and we are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team of dog lovers. View our current vacancies or get in touch today.

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