Natural dry cold pressed dog food

Gently pressed, natural ingredients for good gut health

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Your Dog Awards

2024 Highly Commended

As one of the leading dry dog foods available, our Cold Pressed range has received a Highly Commended award at the 2024 Your Dog Magazine awards

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How our natural dry cold pressed recipes are made

Starting with good quality ingredients, we only heat the ones that need it (proteins and sweet potato) then add vitamins, oils and minerals

We then gently press them at a low temperature to seal in natural goodness and flavour

They are then formed into great-tasting, easy to digest, bite-sized pellets

Available in 5 naturally tasty recipes - chicken, duck, turkey, salmon & small dog turkey

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Key Benefits

Natural Ingredients

Bursting with goodness, plus added vitamins and minerals for a balanced, healthy lifestyle

Good Gut Health

Cold pressed dry food is great for good gut health

Complete Meal

Completely nutritious on it's own, or a great companion to our wet food ranges

Grain Free

Perfect for even the most sensitive of tummies

No Junk or Fillers

Free from grain, fillers, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives

All Lifestages

Suitable for dogs aged 2 months + to senior providing a nutritious diet throughout their lifetime

Suitable for all our four-legged friends

Feeding tip: for puppies, soak the pellets for up to 10 minutes in warm water to soften and release the flavour.

Complete on its own

Mixed with wet food

For training treats & enrichment

Hearts together

Find My Food

We know that every dog is different, and so we've created a quick and easy questionnaire to help make it easier than ever to find the perfect food for your four-legged friend.


1 Tray of wet, 1 Cup of dry

per day


2 Trays of wet

per day


3 Cups of dry

per day

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NEW salmon cold pressed dry food

A new addition to our Cold Pressed range, our Salmon recipe is grain-free and free from poultry fat, making it easily digestible and perfect for dogs sensitive to poultry.

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NEW cold pressed for small dogs and puppies

Tailored for small dogs and bouncy puppies, our new recipe is made up of smaller pellets for small mouths, with protein and fat content designed specifically for small-sized dogs and puppies.

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Why choose our cold pressed dog food?

Our natural dry dog food is different. As with all of our tail-waggingly good recipes, our cold pressed food is free from junk, fillers and is nutritionally balanced and great for sensitve tummies.

Love from our Ambassadogs

We've included a few tails from our beloved Ambassadogs. We asked the pack for their honest feedback of why they love our Forthglade natural dry cold pressed so much...

Our Bella absolutely loves the cold pressed food especially the turkey and sweet potato. We love how it’s so nutritional and made with natural ingredients with none of the nasties. Perfect for sensitive tummies. Plus Bella thinks it’s delicious.


Rusty is a BIG fan of Forthglade Cold Pressed Dog Food, and I am too! A happy tummy equals a happy dog, and a happy dog of course means a super happy owner! Not only does Rusty enjoy Cold Pressed mixed with his Forthglade wet food, he'll happily eat it by itself, or even as treats.


Our go-to on the go! They love all three flavours, but the new Turkey seems to get their tails wagging just that little bit more! We love to be on the move and the reusable bag and easy storage means a bag of cold-pressed is always on our essentials list for adventures!


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Most of our customers like to mix wet & dry food together at mealtimes, so you’re not alone!

You can use whichever split of wet vs dry food suits your dog best, but as a start point if you’d like to feed a 50:50 mix of Wet and Dry food – simply feed 50% of the daily recommended allowance of Wet Food alongside 50% of the recommended daily allowance of Dry Food over the course of the day.  

We’ve used Sweet Potato as a delicious and nutritious complex carbohydrate (that most dogs love!), in place of things like grains to ensure that each meal is nutritionally balanced for your dog(s).

Sweet potato is also a great source of Vitamin A and energy within your dog’s diet.

Our ‘Small Dog’ cold pressed recipe has been specifically developed to provide the right amount of nutrition to small dogs and puppies.

In addition, the individual ‘pellets’ are smaller than in our other Cold Pressed recipes, making them perfect for smaller mouths. 

All our food and treats have a shelf life of 18 months from the date they were made - you can find the use by date printed on the short side of each individual tray for our wet food, or on the back of the pack for our dry food & treats. Once you have opened them they are best enjoyed within the following timeline:

  • Wet food: consume within 2 days
  • Natural Dry (Cold Pressed): consume within 4 months
  • Natural Dry (Lightly Baked): consume within 2 months
  • Dental Sticks: consume within 10-15 days
  • Treats: consume within 3 months
  • Treats (Meaty only): consume within 14 days
  • Salmon Oil: consume within 6 months

Need some more specific help or advice?

If you have a question about our natural dry cold pressed dog food or any of our other products, please drop a member of our expert customer service team a message.

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