Natural Dog food for Puppies

These recipes are designed specifically for puppies, with ingredients chosen to help give your puppy the best start in life.

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Your dog awards winner

2024 Best Wet Dog Food

Proud winners for our Grain Free range

Tailor-made puppy wet food recipes from Forthglade HQ in Devon

Our wholesome, high quality puppy food is made at our factory in the heart of Dartmoor, Devon

Our complete meals are tailored for your growing puppies aged 2 to 12 months.

We take good quality ingredients, and add vitamins, oils and minerals to give your puppy the best start in life.

Available in grain free recipes for sensitive tummies or wholegrain recipes for easy digestion.

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Key Benefits

Tailor Made For Puppies

Designed for high energy pups!

Healthy Digestion

Recipes include prebiotic chicory root extract

Natural ingredients

Complete on it's own, or a great companion to our natural dry cold pressed or lightly baked

Healthy Joints & Bones

From high levels of chondroitin and glucosamine

High Protein

Each recipe contains 75% good quality protein (meat or fish)

Supports Brain Development

From salmon oil, a great source of Omega 3 to help develop cognitive function

What makes our puppy food different?

Having a new puppy bound into your life is exciting and also hard work. To make this transition as easy as possible we have developed our new puppy recipes that have everything your puppy needs for the best start in life.

Hearts together

Find My Food

We know that every dog is different, and so we've created a quick and easy questionnaire to help make it easier than ever to find the perfect food for your four-legged friend.


1 Tray of wet, 1 Cup of dry

per day


2 Trays of wet

per day


3 Cups of dry

per day

Start Questionnaire

Not sure where to start?

Our puppy pack contains a range of delicious natural Forthglade goodies, designed with your new puppy in mind. Each pack contains a mix of our wet food, dry food & treats to help you find the right meal for your pup.

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Moving your dog onto adult food

Read our blog for advice on how to make the transition to adult food and the best time to do it.

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Choosing the right puppy products for you

Just 90% Complementary Wet Food

Learn More

Our highest protein recipes, our Just 90% natural dog food range should be fed alongside a mixer such as dry food or other carbohydrates. This makes them perfect for tailoring mealtimes so your dog gets just what they need.

Natural Cold Pressed Dry Food

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Our cold pressed dry food is made using natural ingredients with added vitamins & minerals, for to ensure it contains everything your dog needs to stay happy & healthy. You can either feed it standalone or can mix it with our wet food ranges.

Natural Grain Free Treats

Learn More

Our natural treats are great to complement your dog’s main source of food. Available in a range of flavours, our treats can be broken in two so perfect for training or easier portion control for smaller dogs. All of our treats are suitable from 2 months of age.

Love from our Ambassadogs

We've included a few tails from our beloved Ambassadogs. We asked the pack for their honest feedback of why they love our Forthglade puppy food so much...

Nala is currently loving the range! I have never seen her so happy for her food to be dished up! Nala is currently having her food mixed half and half with biscuits and she demolishes it in seconds.


My puppy absolutely LOVES the new puppy range, her favourite flavour being lamb & liver! Great range of flavours and perfect for sensitive tummies like Luna! Cannot recommend highly enough.


Loving the new meals, bowls licked clean after every meal! Just can’t get enough! Delicious new meals just for me!


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Our puppy recipes contain a tailored mix of vitamins & minerals specifically designed for puppies, and include Salmon Oil which is rich in Omega-3 and widely recognised to support your puppy’s growing joints and cognitive development. We carefully selected proteins to match your bouncy puppy's needs.

In the short term, you can of course feed a puppy recipe to your adult dog, however we would recommend moving to an adult recipe when it is convenient to do so to ensure that your dog is getting the tailored nutrition they need for their current life stage, which is a little different to young dogs in their first 12 months.

It can seem a little odd to imagine that you’d feed a larger amount of food to a smaller dog than a fully grown one, but this is entirely normal.

Puppies go through a significant period of growth & development during the first 12 months of their life, and they require a larger amount of food to help support this.

As your dog moves from the puppy to adult phase of their life, you should expect to decrease the amount of food you feed to help them maintain a healthy weight as an adult dog.

All of our wet recipes are hypoallergenic. This means we carefully select our ingredients to ensure that our recipes are of the best quality for your four legged friend. We use simple, quality ingredients with no junk or nasties. This means delicious and nutritious recipes that are kind and gentle to your dogs tummy.

You can safely store your opened trays of Forthglade wet meals in the fridge for up to two days after opening, without any compromise to quality or flavour.

Need some more specific help or advice?

If you have a question about our puppy recipes or any of our other products, please contact our expert customer service team.

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