Complete Wholegrain Wet Dog Food

Made using natural ingredients and bursting with added vitamins & minerals

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Our wet food recipes are made in Devon at Forthglade HQ

Simple, wholesome and delicious recipes featuring brown rice and oats.

Forthglade has a purpose built factory in the heart of Dartmoor, Devon to provide your pups with wholesome, hypoallergenicquality dog food.

We take good quality ingredients, and add vitamins, oils and minerals to keep your dogs healthy.

Available in puppy, adult and senior recipes.

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Key Benefits

Natural Ingredients

Bursting with goodness, plus added vitamins and minerals for a balanced, healthy lifestyle

High Protein

At least 75%* high quality protein in every wet food recipe (*excludes lighter senior recipes)

Complete Meal

Complete on it's own, or a great companion to our natural dry cold pressed or lightly baked


Added wholegrains such as brown rice and oats making these recipes easily digestable

No Junk or Fillers

Free from grain, fillers, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives


All of our wet recipes are kind and gentle on your dog's tummy.

Suitable for all our four-legged friends

Feeding tip: Customers have told us they often feed their dogs a brown rice recipe if they know they are going to be very active.




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2 Trays of wet

per day


3 Cups of dry

per day

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Why Choose Our Wholegrain Wet Dog Food?

We've created a short animation to explain how our natural wet dog food is different. As with all of our tail-waggingly good recipes, our wet recipes contain no junk, is nutritionally balanced and great for sensitive tummies.

Prefer Grain Free?

We have the range for you, from complementary to grain free complete, check out the rest of our wet dog food recipes.

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Love from our Ambassadogs

We've included a few tails from our beloved ambassadogs. We asked for their honest feedbackof our wholegrain wet food so you can hear from our loyal pack on why theylove Forthglade so much...

Made in Devon just like us


We buy a variety box every month, there is a certain ease when ordering them because you know you’ll get different flavours and we can mix and match throughout the month! We particularly love this box because Bailey is a fussy eater (sometimes) but we know she will always eat the flavours.


I love the variety Forthglade has to offer because it means the boys get to eat a different recipe everyday, this keeps them interested as they're very fussy eaters which is really helpful. Absolutely recommend Forthglade to everyone, the quality is second to none and my boys go mad for their food every day!


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Grains aren't something to be worried about unless your dog has an allergy or intolerance to them.

The natural fibre found in our wholegrains are easily digestible promoting healthy digestion.

Some of our customers like to mix and match between grain free and wholegrain recipes, opting for wholegrain before particularly long walks or intensive exercise. Or they simply feed just to keep their dog topped up.

Oats are a great alternative source of carbohydrates for dogs that may be sensitive to wheat, as well as being a great source of protein, fibre and a range of vitamins that can contribute to your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

Wholegrain Brown Rice is a great, natural source of carbohydrate which is rich in fibre, antioxidants, manganese, magnesium & selenium which can all contribute to your dog’s digestive and overall health.

All of our wet recipes are hypoallergenic. This means we carefully select our ingredients to ensure that our recipes are of the best quality for your four legged friend. We use simple, quality ingredients with no junk or nasties. This means delicious and nutritious recipes that are kind and gentle to your dogs tummy.

You can safely store your opened trays of Forthglade wet meals in the fridge for up to two days after opening, without any compromise to quality or flavour.

Need some more specific help or advice?

If you have a question about our wholegrain recipes or any of our other products, please drop a member of our expert customer service team a message.

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