Lightly Baked Dry Dog Food

A simple premium dry food made with a 50% single source protein and lightly baked to seal in the natural goodness

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What makes our Lightly Baked dry food so good?

Simple, quality natural ingredients are lightly baked to seal in the natural goodness

These nutritionally-balanced recipes contain 50% single source protein: lamb, chicken or turkey

These bite-sized pellets suitable for all dog sizes aged 1 year+

Our natural dry food is free from any junk or fillers

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Chicken Lightly Baked Natural Dry Food

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Lamb Lightly Baked Natural Dry Food

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Turkey Lightly Baked Natural Dry Food

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Key Benefits

Natural Ingredients

Bursting with goodness, plus added vitamins and minerals for a balanced, healthy lifestyle

High Source Single Protein

The recipes in our Lightly Baked dry range include 50% single source lamb, chicken or turkey.

Complete Meal

Completely nutritious on it's own, or a great companion to our wet food ranges

Grain Free

Perfect for even the most sensitive of tummies

No Junk or Fillers

Free from grain, fillers, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives

Source of Fibre

Supporting healthy digestion

Suitable for four-legged friends aged 1 year+

Feeding tip: keeps dogs interested by mixing our lightly baked with our wet dog food recipes for a tail-waggingly good mealtimes. Use our feeding calculator below to work out quantities.

Suitable for adult dogs of all sizes

Small Dogs

Medium Dogs

Large Dogs

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We know that every dog is different, and so we've created a quick and easy questionnaire to help make it easier than ever to find the perfect food for your four-legged friend.


1 Tray of wet, 1 Cup of dry

per day


2 Trays of wet

per day


3 Cups of dry

per day

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Love from our Ambassadogs

Some of our beloved Ambassadogs share why they love Forthglade Lightly Baked so much.

Our dogs have always been very fussy with dry food, they tend not to really eat it unless it’s something new, they always get bored after the first few days and then we’ve got wasted dry food. We’ve been feeding them the brand new lightly baked range for a few weeks now, and to say the least they absolutely LOVE it! In fact, they would even happily eat a bowl of just dry food alone, which says a lot! We always tend to feed them chicken flavours, but we’ve tried all 3 new flavours, and they are a hit! The dogs are happy and well fed now!


Our four dogs are already huge fans of the new Lightly Baked range - they love how crunchy and tasty it is! We also love that we can feed it either as a complete meal or add
as a topper to their regular Forthglade wet food.



Have you tried our natural dry dog food for good gut health?

Our Cold Pressed dry food range is great for your dog's long term gut health, created by taking good quality ingredients, heating those that need it, and gently cold pressing them at a low temperature to form easily-digestible, bite-sized pieces.

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When changing a pet’s diet it’s crucial to do it gradually in order to be gentle on their digestive system.

Ideally the new diet should be added to their current food in very small portions over a 5 day period, increasing this small amount each day until eventually you are feeding your pet 100% Forthglade.


Most of our customers like to mix wet & dry food together at mealtimes, so you’re not alone!

You can use whichever split of wet vs dry food suits your dog best, but as a start point if you’d like to feed a 50:50 mix of Wet and Dry food – simply feed 50% of the daily recommended allowance of Wet Food alongside 50% of the recommended daily allowance of Dry Food over the course of the day.  

We’ve used Sweet Potato as a delicious and nutritious complex carbohydrate (that most dogs love!), in place of things like grains to ensure that each meal is nutritionally balanced for your dog(s).

Sweet potato is also a great source of Vitamin A and energy within your dog’s diet.

Our Lightly Baked dry food recipes are not recommended for puppies (or dogs under 1 year old) due to the fact that puppies require quite specific nutritional support during this important stage in their development.

We don’t yet have a Lightly Baked recipe designed for puppies specifically but won’t rule it out for the future!

We do have a range of complete puppy recipes that provide the best possible nutrition to your growing puppy during their first 12 months of life. You can check out the range here

Need some more specific help or advice?

If you have a question about our Lightly Baked dry food or any other products, please contact our expert customer service team.

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