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Dual protein, natural and grain free, gourmet wet dog food.

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2024 Best Wet Dog Food

Our gourmet co-branded range of wet dog food supports the amazing work of the National Trust who care for many of the beautiful places our four-legged friends love to explore.

Our wet food recipes are made in Devon at Forthglade HQ

Sales of this range help to support the amazing work of the National Trust

The National Trust gourmet range features extra special recipes, with two protein sources

Made at Forthglade HQ, our purpose-built factory in the heart of Devon

Created with wholesome, high quality ingredients, vitamins and minerals to keep your dogs healthy

Key Benefits

Natural Ingredients

Bursting with goodness, plus added vitamins and minerals for a balanced, healthy lifestyle

High Protein

Each gourmet recipe contains two sources of high quality protein

Complete Meal

Complete on it's own, or a great companion to our natural dry cold pressed or lightly baked

Gourmet Combinations

These extra special recipes feature unique proteins like goose and venison, combined with tasty fruits

No Junk or Fillers

Free from grain, fillers, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives


Sales of our National Trust co-branded range help to support the amazing work of the National Trust

Suitable for all our four-legged friends

Feeding tip: Give your dog an extra special treat for their birthday or special occasions with our gourmet range!

Complete on its own

Great for enrichment

Try freezing for hot days

Hearts together

Find My Food

We know that every dog is different, and so we've created a quick and easy questionnaire to help make it easier than ever to find the perfect food for your four-legged friend.


1 Tray of wet, 1 Cup of dry

per day


2 Trays of wet

per day


3 Cups of dry

per day

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Dogs Welcome Project

For the past 3 years we've been working with the National Trust to improve access for dogs and their owners at the places the Trust cares for.

The Dog's Welcome project has made some big improvements to help ensure visits with your dog are the best they can be.

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Our National Trust range treats

Available in two delicious flavours, chicken with duck and salmon with herring, these tasty soft bite treats are grain free, and made with natural ingredients. Suitable for dogs aged 2 months+, our National Trust treats can be broken in two for handy portion control or for smaller dogs.

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Our partnership with the National Trust

We’re delighted to be working in partnership with the National Trust, who look after many of the beautiful places we and our four-legged friends love to explore.

Through our partnership we’ll be supporting the development of the Trust’s ‘Dogs Welcome’ project – helping to protect the places they care for in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, whilst improving access for our canine companions.

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Love from our Ambassadogs

We've included a few tails from our beloved Ambassadogs. We asked the pack for their honest feedback of why they love our Forthglade natural dry cold pressed so much...

We love that there's more novel proteins like wild boar and goose! Beaker can struggle with some food sensitivities, so we're always keen to try new proteins that will be gentle on his tummy and the gourmet range works wonders for him!


Cookie loves her Forthglade National Trust co-branded duck & venison – I love that it’s grain free and a complete recipe giving her everything she needs! Plus we love supporting the National Trust too when we buy this meal.


We love the gourmet treats and dinners that @forthglade have launched to celebrate partnering with @nationaltrust


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When changing a pet’s diet it’s crucial to do it gradually in order to be gentle on their digestive system.

Ideally the new diet should be added to their current food in very small portions over a 5 day period, increasing this small amount each day until eventually you are feeding your pet 100% Forthglade.

We have a range of grain free recipes which can be found on our grain free page, perfect for even the most sensitive tummies. Please note that we produce our grain free recipes in a factory that does also handle products containing grains.

You can safely store your opened trays of Forthglade wet meals in the fridge for up to two days after opening, without any compromise to quality or flavour.

Forthglade recipes are natural (with added vitamins & minerals in our complete ranges). Each & every recipe is completely free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

We live by a ‘free from junk and fillers’ promise - so you can be confident your four-legged friend is getting the best possible nutrition from their meal.

Need some more specific help or advice?

If you have a question about our National Trust co-branded range or any of our other products, get in touch with our expert customer service team.

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