made in Devon

We're based in the heart of the Devonian countryside at our factory where our team of dog lovers develop & produce all of our wet meals

since 1971

We've got 50 years' expertise in pet nutrition and our team of four-legged taste testers make sure each recipe is tail-waggingly tasty

simple & wholesome

We believe your pets' food should be wholesome, nourishing and uncomplicated so we keep our recipes simple and our meals naturally nutritious

our ingredients

natural ingredients

We use natural ingredients with added vitamins & minerals for our complete meals

free from junk & fillers

Free from junk, fillers and artificial flavours, colours & preservatives

honesty promise

Shop with confidence - easy to understand recipes, with simple, wholesome ingredients

how we make our food

tail-waggingly tasty

unique recipes

Of course, the starting point for each of our meals is its unique recipe - individually designed by our team of dog lovers and taste-tested by our team of four-legged taste testers

quality ingredients

We pride ourselves on the wonderful quality of the ingredients we use in our recipes, most of which come from the UK.

vitamins & minerals

We add vitamins & minerals to our complete recipes to make sure that your four-legged friend gets the best possible nutrition from their meal. We also have special recipes for puppies & senior dogs to support their overall health & wellbeing.

gently cook

We use gentle cooking methods like steaming & cold pressing to make sure that the ingredients retain as much of their natural goodness & flavour as possible.


Our packaging is specifically designed to make sure that our lovingly made recipes reach your dogs bowl in perfect condition. We're always looking for new ways to improve our packaging and support our commitment to the environment - so we recently moved from black to more widely recycled white trays for our wet foods, and we've also removed the individual carboard sleeves from our wet food variety packs.  

our ranges

find the right range for you