The daily dog walk is in decline

I know, we can't believe it either but it's true. New research shows the average daily dog walk is over in less than 20 minutes, whilst 58% of British dog owners have admitted to not walking their dog as often or for as long as they should.

Join us in our campaign to encourage longer and more mindful dog walking across the UK, for happier, healthier dogs and owners! 


take up the 6 week dog walk challenge

We want to help you re-discover the joy of walking, providing practical advice on how to reap the benefits of longer, more frequent, and more mindful dog walks. Over six weeks we will help gradually establish a new daily routine.


most of us really want to get out more with our dogs...

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Walking our dogs makes us feel happier, helps us meet new people and encourages more talking time with family and friends. Through Forthglade’s The Great Dog Walk Challenge campaign, we want to help you re-discover the joy of walking.

Britains top 25 dog-friendly woodland walks


Our friends at The Woodland Trust have close to 1000 dog-friendly woods across the UK that are perfect for walks with your four-legged friend – take a look at our favourites.


our experts

more advice and tips


Steve Leonard

TV vet with over 20 years experience, and a patron of Painted Dog Conservation


Adam Henson

Perhaps the best-known farmer in the UK, TV presenter & lifelong dog owner


Dr Carri Westgarth

Dog walking expert and Lecturer in Human Animal Interaction at the University of Liverpool

ingredients for healthier living

The healthier we eat the better we look and feel, and it’s no different for our canine companions. Feeding a well-balanced wholesome diet, free from junk and fillers will help support your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. The natural recipes contain only the finest quality ingredients, vitamins and minerals and are gently cooked to lock in all the goodness, ensuring a nutritionally balanced diet for optimum health.


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NEW research 

Dog owners are struggling to break away from screen time to enjoy their daily dog walks

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5 days to mindful walking

Find out how you can achieve and benefit from more mindful dog walks in just 5 days

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Our Mindfulness Experts

Clinical Psychologist Linda Blair and Certified Animal Behaviourist Caroline Wilkinson

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What our customers are saying about why their dog walks are so special to them