Diet & Nutrition

Puppies grow so fast, changing before your eyes, but in order for them to reach optimum well-being as an adult dog, they need just the right amount of quality nutrients each day. Here are the goodies to look our for when studying the ingredients in your dog’s food…


Carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy as well as providing fibre. Dietary fibre supports gastrointestinal health and helps make your dog feel full.

Brown Rice

High in fibre & a great source of manganese & magnesium


Full of protein & Fibre

Butternut Squash

Provides fibre, potassium & vitamins A & C


A powerful antioxidant with beta carotene & vitamin A

Sweet Potato

Brimming with vitamins A, B6 & C


Puppies need lots of protein in order to build the new tissues associated with growth. Choosing a high quality protein will help supply the essential amino acids used to produce vital enzymes, hormones and antibodies.


Highly nutritious protein packed with essential minerals


Easy to digest and good source of vitamins A & B3


Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which has been associated with increased learning ability in puppies. Great sources are chicken or salmon


Excellent easily-digestible source of protein


High in phosphorus - essential for healthy bones


Contains essential amino acids, zinc & omega-6 fatty acids

Feeding lots of treats (especially human food) can unbalance the diet and lead to serious health problems such as poor bone growth and obesity. Healthy dog treats can be great training tools but remember that their calories add to your dog’s daily quota. One way to ensure that you don’t overfeed is to measure out your dog’s food at the beginning of the day and then set aside a portion of this for use as treats.
Dr Carri Westgarth
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