The best food for your dog: how to find the right food with our feeding guide

Like humans, dogs need a well-balanced diet that provides them with all their essential nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. But how do we make sure that we’re feeding our beloved pups the right food for them – and the right amount too? With so many varieties of dog food to choose from, it is easy to become overwhelmed with choosing the best food for your pet – but we believe your pet’s food should be as wholesome and nourishing as it is uncomplicated.

At Forthglade, we know that every dog is individual and that their needs are individual too, whether that is based on their size, age or taste preferences. We want to help you to take the guesswork out of your feeding practices, and so we’ve created a quick and easy Feeding Guide tool to make it easier than ever to identify the right products and food amounts to feed your dog. It’s quick and easy to do, with results in just 60 seconds!

Your dog's meal plan in 60 seconds

Watch our video for a quick how-to guide on using our Feeding Guide.

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How to use our feeding guide

Step 1: Enter in your dog’s name so that we know what to call them.

Step 2: Let us know your dog’s breed.

Step 3: Tell us your dog’s age – this helps us narrow down on suitable products for your dog based on their stage of life. You can also enter their birthday for a chance to receive a free birthday gift for them from us!

Step 4: Enter your dog’s weight. This helps us begin to determine the right feeding amount based on their size.

Step 5: Select your dog’s feeding preference. Whether they prefer wet food, dry kibble or a mixture or both, we’ll provide you with our feeding recommendations based on your dog’s favourite food.

Step 6: Let us know your dog’s favourite flavours so that we can share the corresponding flavour recipes that your dog is sure to love!

Step 7: Tell us how active your dog is; whether they are energetic and active with lots of exercise a day, or have a more sedentary lifestyle. This helps us determine the right feeding amount based on their lifestyle and behaviour.

Step 8: Your dog’s results are in! Your feeding results page will display the recommended daily feeding amount in grams based on the details you have entered. You can have your recommendations emailed to you, or even select the option to ‘Build A Box And Subscribe’ to get regular top ups of your dog’s favourite natural dog food.

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We know that every dog is different, so we've created a quick and easy questionnaire to help make it easier than ever to find the perfect food for your four-legged friend.


1 Tray of wet, 1 cup of dry

per day


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per day


3 Cups of dry

per day

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