Introducing our very own Hero Pups Devon & Buddy

our partnership with Veterans With Dogs

As part of our long standing partnership with Veterans With Dogs we’re  sponsoring two of their hero pups through our new limited hero edition recipe. Both of these gorgeous boys will grow up to be a life companion for a British Armed Forces Veteran with a mental health condition such as PTSD.

We’ve been supporting the outstanding work of Veterans With Dogs since 2019, and are happy to welcome these pups to the Forthglade family. Find out more about Veterans With Dogs here.

We’ll be following these adorable pups’ journeys throughout their first year of training, learning and plenty of play time too. Stay tuned for monthly pupdates of our two adorable hero pups.

Our pups

Devon, the fox red Labrador who has been named by our team is laid back, playful and affectionate. His loving temperament is simply perfect for his future job of being a Hero Dog for Veterans With Dogs. He is going to make a super assistance dog for a Veteran in need.


Buddy, the yellow Labrador, named by our loyal fans, is already such a devoted, hardworking boy and will do anything for a treat. Buddy will grow into a pawsome assistance dog. His nature and character make him the perfect ‘buddy’.


Their roles at Veterans With Dogs

These two future hero pups were carefully selected from their litters by the charity to embark on their journeys to become assistance dogs for Veterans in need.

They were chosen for being trusting and interested in people. They were confident but not too bolshy and inquisitive but not aloof. Although the pair look similar, they are not brothers, they came from different breeders.

Both pups were taken to their new loving homes where they will live for the next 12 months. Their specially trained socialisers will raise them during their puppyhood, teaching them all the important things a pup needs to know.

The first few weeks are a complete whirl wind (like with any new pup!) of puppy house training, crate training at night and showing the pups not to pick up everything they find and eat it...

Find out more about our partnership with Veterans With Dogs here or check out our limited edition Veterans With Dogs recipe!