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Top 10 paddle boarding locations

So, you’ve got all the kit you need, a bucket full of enthusiasm, wagging tail in tow, and of course tasty treats – now all you need is the perfect location for you and pup to SUP.

Depending where you live in the UK and how far you are willing to travel there are fantastic paddle boards all around, all you need to do is set off for the adventure spot that best suits your needs, be it coast line, river, estuary or a calm and quiet lake.
top paddle boarding spots

We’ve picked out ten favourites locations for paddle boarders to consider:

A safe and steady adventure park

If you are a novice needing a little practice then check out your local adventure parks as they provide a great safe space to practice and usually offer low entry points that also have plenty of room. Many locations can also offer training to help you get started too.

The Coast

For a sunny warm day you can’t beat a paddle at the beach and that goes for paddle boarding too. However, with more wind and waves it is wise to be relatively experienced in paddle boarding before you brave the open waters as the tide and currents can add increase the level of skill required, especially with a dog in tow. Staying very close to the shore is a great way to practice familiarising with a few small waves.

Paddle boarding with your dog
Rivers & Estuary exploration

A river or estuary can be wonderfully scenic and offer a challenge but do check out winds and tides before setting off. Paddle boarding is certainly more challenging in the wind and against the tide so make sure you’re not going to get stuck on your return. If paddling up or down a river or within an estuary, time your paddle so that you are paddling with the tide, rather than against it. A still river or gently paced down-stream one with easy access points may suit those still lacking in plenty of experience. And check in case you need a license too, when paddling on rivers.

Get those paws ready for paddling!

The Go Paddling website provides great information to find the best paddle board locations around the UK, whether you’re looking for ‘paddle points’ for a perfect staycation or paddle trails to give you access to great paddle board routes to explore. The website also provides insight into the licenses that you may need for the different waterways and how you can get them.

When working out where to paddle board near you, always make sure you prioritise safety first, so that you can focus on having a wonderful time with your four-legged friend. Check out these great safety tips from our friends at Red Paddle Co.

Here are 10 locations to check out:

Woolacombe Sands, Devon – ideal for beginners and spotting wildlife

Woolacombe Sands is not only a top holiday location, but also one of the best surf spots. It is ideal for beginners because it is large and spacious. It is wonderful way to explore the beautiful North Devon coastline.

Paddle boarding with your dog in Woolacombe
St Agnes, Cornwall – great for coastal scenery and wildlife

This is a stunningly beautiful part of Cornwall's north coast. You will get the most out of it if you go paddling here. A wide diversity of wildlife species can be found here. You will love SUP-ing and the huge range of activities and sights available to you while you are there, making your trip well worth the effort!

Hickling Broad, Norfolk Broads – wildlife and an explorers dream!

Without a doubt, this particular location is any SUP enthusiast paradise. It is flat and meandering, which makes it not only one of the most thrilling and relaxing experiences, but also good for beginners. There are 120 miles of navigable canals, seven rivers, and 63 boards that will take you on endless adventures with your pup. Keep in mind that in order to paddle there, you must obtain a license from the Broads Authority.

Burgh Island, South Devon – an island adventure

You'll get the perfect opportunity to explore the caverns around this stunning little island just off Bantham Beach's shore. You'll have to wait until the tide rises high enough for you to paddle across it. It's also a terrific way to meet other people who are making the same journey to land on the famous Sea Tractor on the islands. Just keep note of tidal times to avoid water levels rising!

Totnes, River Dart, Devon - Woodlands, rolling hills and historic buildings

The River Dart really is the quintessential English river. Rolling hills and pastures, grand homes and boathouses sprinkle the 9-mile stretch from the trendy town of Totnes down to the pretty harbour at Dartmouth. Good for more advanced paddle boarders.

Paddle boarding with your dog at Totnes, River Dart, Devon
Symonds Yat, Wye Valley – stunning scenery

This spot is a SUP paradise, not only for the scenery but also as you can glide alongside other water enthusiasts such as kayakers and canoeists adding more fun. You can paddleboard your way through the forested river gorge on the English-Welsh border. Kerne Bridge is a great place for beginners too.

River Cam, Cambridge - great for taking in history and architecture from the water side

Start the journey at Jesus Green, where a tranquil river welcomes you into a new world of well-known Cambridge punters. You'll also pass some of the university's most prestigious institutions, including King's, Trinity, and St Catherine's. You can travel beneath the beautiful Bridge of Sighs and the magnificent Mathematical Bridge. Plenty to see!

Kingston-upon-Thames, London – a city excursion

A wealth of cultural landmarks and nature encounters await you on the 9 mile stretch between Richmond and Kingston-Upon-Thames as you paddle along the UK’s most iconic waterway. A convenient getaway for London city-goers in need of a day out on the water, head off from the steps just downstream from Kingston Bridge and take in plenty of greenery and wildlife en route.

River Wye, Herefordshire - Stunning gorges

Practically anywhere on the river Wye from Hay-On-Wye down to Tintern offers great SUPing opportunities, especially for those wanting to do longer or multiple day trips. The river’s gentle meander and absence of major obstacles like weirs also make it a great place to develop or improve your self-taught skills. Kerne Bridge offers a great launch spot.

Paddle boarding with your dog

Bala Lake, Wales - gorgeous mountain scenery

This lake is not only Wales' largest freshwater natural lake, but it is also flanked by Snowdonia's magnificent hills, which will leave you breathless. The location is quickly becoming one of the greatest for water activities during the holidays.

The rivers Tryweryn and Dee provide the water to this lake from both sides, making it an excellent paddling spot. With a length of one mile and a width of one mile, the lake is ideal for a fast paddle. To avoid getting into problems with the local authorities, remember to obtain permission from the Snowdonia National Park, which carries a small daily cost. Llyn Padarn is another Welsh stunner to check out. Situated in the heart of Snowdonia, and an absolute must for any Stand Up Paddleboarder when in Wales.

We've teamed up with Red Paddle Co to give you useful first-time tips for paddle boarding with your dog.
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