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We know that every dog is different, and so we've created a quick and easy questionnaire to help make it easier than ever to find the perfect food for your four-legged friend.

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What is the name of your dog?
What name is your dog?
What breed is Rufus?
What breed is your dog? What breed is your dog?
What age is Rufus?
When is their birthday?
What age is your dog?
How much does Rufus weigh?
Current weight

Max 70kg

How much does your dog weigh?
What is Rufus's feeding preference?
Feed preference Wet
Feed preference Dry
Feed preference Mix
Feed preference Topper
Does Rufus have any favourite flavours?

If you don't select any, we'll assume they love all flavours.

Does your dog have any favourite flavours?
How active is Rufus?
is and likes all recipes. weighs kg and is active.
What we recommend for daily.
Wet Food

Daily (approx 2 trays)

  • 6 trays = X weeks
  • 12 trays = X weeks
  • 18 trays = X weeks
  • 24 trays = X weeks
  • 36 trays = X weeks
  • 48 trays = X weeks
Feed preference Wet

+ and

Dry Food


  • 2kg bag = X weeks
  • 6kg bag = X weeks
  • 12kg bag = X weeks
  • 18kg bag = X weeks
  • 20kg bag = X weeks
Feed preference Dry

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Unfortunately we aren't able to make a recommendations around this type of product, please take a look at our full complementary range instead.
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Unfortunately we aren't able to make recommendations for puppies under 8 weeks. Please contact our friendly customer service team for a tailored recommendation.
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Safety advice on the South West Coast Path for dogs

The Coast Path is the perfect place for dog walking, with 630 miles of exciting smells and things to look at, but the Trail does require extra care at times. Unfortunately there are incidences each year when dogs end up losing their footing on cliff edges, or worry grazing farm animals, so for their welfare and yours, here are our top tips for staying safe and making the most out of the Coast Path with your dog.


Top tips for keeping your dog safe on the National Trail:

  • Always keep your dog in sight; use a lead if you don’t have a reliable recall.
  • Carry water for your dog – they can easily get dehydrated in summer. Collapsible travel bowls are available and many cafes provide dog bowls.
  • Keep your dog away from cliff edges – they are often loose and home to rabbits.
  • Clip on a short lead around sheep, cows and horses, irrespective of how well trained your dog is. It’s safer for everyone.
  • If you feel threatened by cattle, unclip the lead so you can get away separately.
  • Don’t let your dog run up to other people uninvited – not everyone likes dogs. People have stepped out of the way of dogs on cliffs with fatal consequences.
  • Always bag it and bin it wherever you are. Dog faeces can pass on diseases to people and farm animals.
  • Ensure your dog has a name tag and is micro-chipped so you can be easily reunited if your dog gets lost. If on holiday, have a temporary tag with your contact on it.
  • In areas of mining heritage be aware there may be uncapped mineshafts hidden in the undergrowth near the path, so keep your dog close.
  • Occasionally white, waxy lumps of palm oil is washed up on beaches, which can be harmful if eaten by dogs - see BeachWise digital leaflet or advice.
  • Dogs die in hot cars, especially as the sea breeze makes you think it’s cooler than it really is.
  • Be tick aware. Guidance is available on The Kennel Club website.


Our range of natural tasty treats make the perfect reward for your canine companion whilst out walking on any National Trail or coastal path. Our handy 90g pouches are designed to fit in your pocket for on the go rewarding. Check out our range of natural treats here.

For more information & top tips from our partners at the South West Coast Path, click here.

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