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We know that every dog is different, and so we've created a quick and easy questionnaire to help make it easier than ever to find the perfect food for your four-legged friend.

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What is the name of your dog?
What name is your dog?
What breed is Rufus?
What breed is your dog? What breed is your dog?
What age is Rufus?
When is their birthday?
What age is your dog?
How much does Rufus weigh?
Current weight

Max 70kg

How much does your dog weigh?
What is Rufus's feeding preference?
Feed preference Wet
Feed preference Dry
Feed preference Mix
Feed preference Topper
Does Rufus have any favourite flavours?

If you don't select any, we'll assume they love all flavours.

Does your dog have any favourite flavours?
How active is Rufus?
is and likes all recipes. weighs kg and is active.
What we recommend for daily.
Wet Food

Daily (approx 2 trays)

  • 6 trays = X weeks
  • 12 trays = X weeks
  • 18 trays = X weeks
  • 24 trays = X weeks
  • 36 trays = X weeks
  • 48 trays = X weeks
Feed preference Wet

+ and

Dry Food


  • 2kg bag = X weeks
  • 6kg bag = X weeks
  • 12kg bag = X weeks
  • 18kg bag = X weeks
  • 20kg bag = X weeks
Feed preference Dry

More than one dog in your household? Take a screenshot of your results and click start over to get a new recommendation.

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Unfortunately we aren't able to make a recommendations around this type of product, please take a look at our full complementary range instead.
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Unfortunately we aren't able to make recommendations for puppies under 8 weeks. Please contact our friendly customer service team for a tailored recommendation.
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A day with the Salcombe Spaniels

Have you seen the new Forthglade videos? We teamed up with our wonderful Ambassadogs, the Salcombe Spaniels to get some lovely shots of our four-legged friends in action!

In February we headed down to Salcombe to spend the day filming James and his beautiful spaniels Hebe and Purdey.

Salcombe filming

The first half of the day was spent at James’ gorgeous home getting lots of lovely shots of the dogs eating our tasty dinners and trying our new multi functions soft bite treats which went down particularly well! You can find out more here.

Hebe and Purdey Forthglade multifunctional soft bite treats

We then headed to North Sands beach for a run around, filming Hebe and Purdey as well as some of their friends enjoying their time on the beach.

James said "The girls absolutely loved their day with Forthglade in Salcombe, with so many treats they must have thought it was Christmas! Hebe demanded to be the star of the show, typical diva Cocker Spaniel, whilst Purdey was happy to take a back seat until we went outside to the beach."

Salcombe beach video shoot

Check our two new videos here and here on YouTube, we hope you enjoy them! And head over to The Salcombe Spaniels Instagram to follow Hebe and Purdey’s adventures!

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