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We know how useful it can be to have a selection of tail-waggingly tasty treats on hand when you’re walking our faithful four-legged friends– and our range of grain free, hand-baked treats may be just the thing you’re looking for! Made using 100% natural ingredients, and perfect for pups with grain allergies or sensitive tummies so you can be confident that they’re the perfect all-rounder for your pack.

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If you’re looking for a delicious, natural pet food to recommend to dog owners, and to those who’s dogs may be suffering from food-related problems like skin irritation, a lacklustre coat or hyperactivity then look no further! We’ve a wide range of delicious, natural wet food, dry food & treats which have helped improve these symptoms in dogs across the country, and even the world, since 1971.

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Dog walking can be especially stressful for you, and other dogs in your pack when you’re dealing with a hyperactive dog. A natural diet, free from junk and anything artificial can help to alleviate hyperactivity in dogs, so you play an important role in educating dog owners on the benefits of a natural diet for their much-loved companion, and this too will hopefully help to improve your precious walking time in the future.

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