Forthglade Breeder Club

helping to get your puppies off to a healthy start

As a breeder, we know how important it is for your puppies to get off to the best possible start, so we've designed our Breeder Club to give you a range of exclusive benefits to you, and your new puppy parents

30% off orders

You'll receive 30% off orders over £75 when

signed up to our Breeder Club

Free puppy packs

You'll be able to give the gift of a free

Forthglade puppy pack to your new puppy


£15 off any order

You'll receive £15 off any order with every

new puppy owner who claims their free

puppy pack from us

Forthglade puppy packs

New puppy owners will receive a free Forthglade puppy pack.

Our puppy pack contains a range of delicious natural Forthglade goodies, designed with new puppy owners in mind. Each pack contains a mix of our complete wet food, cold pressed natural dry food & treats – so you can find the perfect meal for your pup.

New puppy owners will also receive our exclusive ‘one paw at a time’ booklet, packed with advice from our puppy experts (including TV vet Steve Leonard), along with a selection of exclusive discounts and offers from our Forthglade friends.

20% off orders

New puppy owners will also receive 20% off all orders for 6 months

after receiving their puppy pack.

join our breeder club

If you'd like to become a registered Forthglade breeder and get exclusive benefits, then please complete this short form and one of our friendly team will be in touch as soon as possible.


View Forthglade Breeder Club terms & conditions.

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