Welcoming your new four-legged friend

A new puppy is a big commitment but a hugely rewarding one and the number of puppies being welcomed into new homes has soared over the last few months. Through our Prep For Pup campaign, we want to help inform soon-to-be or new puppy owners all about keeping their dog healthy, happy and safe.

advice from Steve Leonard

tv vet with over 20 years experience

We’ve teamed up with popular TV vet Steve Leonard to share advice and tips on puppy care. We hope to encourage those about to welcome a puppy into their family, to be fully prepared and develop a happy life-long friendship with their four-legged friend.

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6 steps to bonding with your puppy

We’re very pleased to launch our puppy care awareness campaign aimed at helping would-be puppy owners decide if a puppy is the best choice for them, and to help future puppy owners prepare for their new arrival.

puppy-proof your life

In the same way you’d make your home safe for a toddler, it is best to address potential hazards before those sweet paws hit the floor…

puppy socialisation

The best gift you can give your puppy is the set of social skills needed to become a confident, well-adjusted dog.


bonding with your pup

Puppies are always learning, not just during a training session, so it is important to be aware of the messages you send…


the healthy puppy

A visit to the vests can be an anxious time for both pup and pet owner. Steve Leonard offers advice on visiting the vets.

diet & nutrition

Here are the goodies to look out for when studying the ingredients in your dog’s food…



sleeping dogs

There are few things as dreamy as a snoozing puppy but our little furballs can struggle with long overnight sleeps in the first few weeks...

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