Each of our wet food, dry food & treats recipes are made using natural ingredients with added vitamins & minerals for our complete recipes. As always, our recipes are free from junk, fillers and artifical flavours, colours & preservatives.


Widely known for its soothing & calming properties which may help with skin irritation & anxiety


A prebiotic for growth of good bacteria, aiding digestion and supporting the immune system

yukka extract

May help to remove toxins, facilitate digestion and reduce body odour


Well known for its rich vitamin & mineral content and natural diuretic properties


Contains important vitamins and may help to reduce mouth bacteria and improve bad breath


A powerful antioxidant, also well known for it's natural preservative properties


High in mineral content and a rich source of iodine & may help to regulate your dogs metabolism

lemon balm

With natural soothing properties, lemon balm may help to soothe digestive problems & stress


Well known for helping allergies & skin irritations in addition to being a powerhouse of goodness


Widely recognised for its natural calming properties and may help to ease anxiety in dogs


Believed to have a calming effect on the gastrointestinal tract as well as antispasmodic properties