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What you choose to feed your dog is generally down to personal preference - some people prefer dry food, wet food or some even prefer to mix up mealtimes with a bit of both. If your dog has a health issue this can too have an impact on which types of food you choose - especially for dogs with allergies or sensitive tummies. No matter your preference - we've a range for you!

complete wet food ranges

everything your dog needs to stay happy & healthy

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complete meal grain free

Grain free, hypoallergenic & perfect for sensitive tummies

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complete meal with brown rice

Wholesome ingredients & gentle on sensitive tummies with no junk or fillers


complete gourmet meal grain free

Making mealtimes even more special for dogs with grain allergies

complementary wet food

for tailored mealtimes

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just 90% complementary range

Grain free, hypoallergenic & just 90% meat with naturally occurring minerals

complete cold pressed dry food

everything your dog needs to stay happy & healthy

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complete grain free dry food

Contains everything your dog needs to stay happy & healthy, so you don't need to mix it with anything else. If you prefer to mix up mealtimes though, it's the perfect companion to our complete wet food ranges.

mixing up mealtimes

perfect wet & dry food companions

Mixing our complete wet and dry food is easy - simply mix 50% of the recommended feeding amount for each to be sure that your four-legged friend gets all the nutrition they need from their dinner

complete grain free wet & dry food

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complete grain free wet food

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complete grain free dry food


100% natural grain free treats

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grain free & 100% natural

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