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To celebrate our ‘The Great Dog Walk Challenge’ campaign, we’ve teamed up with TV Presenter and farmer, Adam Henson, to find out why his dog-walking time is so precious…


As a working dog, regular exercise is not only important to keep Peg fit and healthy - it’s her lifeblood

For me, the bond I have with Peg - my bright, enthusiastic, fiercely loyal border collie sheepdog - is priceless…

I took Peg on when she was six years old. Her previous owner had sadly passed away and the family were looking for a good working home for her. Peg is a gorgeous dog with a lovely friendly nature - we bonded very quickly and she works well, making her an invaluable part of both our family, and the farm team.

Peg will take every situation in her stride, and whether she’s with the family on our farm in the Cotswolds or away filming with me in a new place - rounding up sheep on the salt marshes or across sand dunes - I know she will stay calm and unflustered.


As a working dog, regular exercise is not only important to keep Peg fit and healthy - it’s her lifeblood. When I’m away filming she works for the farm shepherd which keeps her fit and mentally stimulated. My partner Charlie also takes her for long walks with our other family dogs, Boo, Olive and Minnie, which she loves - she’s very well behaved and gets on brilliantly with the others.

I love going for walks with all four of our dogs, watching them play together and interact as a pack. It’s important that they have the opportunity to run freely, but they also come back when called. It’s this mutual respect that makes walking a pleasure and strengthens the bond between dog and owner.


Dog walking is also a wonderful way to relax. Living in the Cotswolds, we’re lucky to have some amazing countryside on our doorstep, but when we get the chance we also love to head to the coast - walking the dogs on the beach on a blustery winter’s day is fantastic.

I can honestly say that walking with Peg is one of life’s biggest pleasures, and I know how lucky I am to have such a devoted and loyal companion by my side. All my dogs are special but she truly is one in a million.


I can honestly say that walking with Peg is one of life’s biggest pleasures

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Steve Leonard

TV vet with over 20 years experience, and a patron of Painted Dog Conservation


Adam Henson

Perhaps the best-known farmer in the UK, TV presenter & lifelong dog owner


Dr Carrie Westgarth

Dog walking expert and Lecturer in Human Animal Interaction at the University of Liverpool