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New research has shown that one in ten puppies are being rehomed after just one month. 

Why are so many new pet owners choosing to give up their once beloved pup? According to the research, its due to a lack of planning and preparation, and new owners underestimating the commitment of time and money required to keep a puppy fit, healthy and happy.

So, what can be done to improve the situation? Better preparation! We’re very pleased to launch our puppy care awareness campaign aimed at helping would-be puppy owners decide if a puppy is the best choice for them, and to help future puppy owners prepare for their new arrival.

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We’ve teamed up with popular TV vet Steve Leonard to share advice and tips on puppy care. We hope to encourage those about to welcome a puppy into their family, to be fully prepared and develop a happy life-long friendship with their four-legged friend.

‘The results of the survey into puppy care are deeply concerning’, explains Steve. ‘Unfortunately, there is a real lack of education around what’s involved when taking on a puppy. Raising a dog of any age requires consistent gentle handling, teaching and care; and this is never more crucial than when a young pup joins a family”. Says Steve.
“There is of course a big financial implication, but people often don’t appreciate this straight away, then it mounts up; vet care, insurance and the cost of pet food. Then there is the issue of training a puppy, which requires consistency, dedication and lots of time. Dogs are wonderful companions but it’s so easy these days to get caught up in the excitement of ‘getting a puppy’ and then a few weeks in, becoming overwhelmed with what’s needed to look after the little bundle of fun.
“I hope this campaign offers advice and insight to puppy care so that pet owners are prepared for all major eventualities when it comes to taking on a puppy.”
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puppy care advice from Steve Leonard

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What did our national survey of puppy owners uncover?

  • Over half surveyed admitted they realised taking on a dog was a mistake as soon as they brought it home
  • 13% admitted they had done absolutely no research whatsoever before committing to getting a dog
  • 39% of puppy owners surveyed wished they’d known more about how to care for a puppy before they’d got one
  • 40% completely underestimated the commitment required to raise a happy, healthy dog
  • More than a quarter said the amount of damage their puppy caused to the house played a key role in them giving it away
  • 24% said they were totally unprepared for the financial outlay involved in owning a puppy
  • 25%  stated that taking on a puppy was as hard as having a new born baby
  • A staggering 61% said that on reflection an older dog would have suited them more than getting a lively puppy 
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Thinking about getting a puppy?

Find out whether a puppy is the right choice for you & what you need to consider

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Puppy care advice & tips 

Our 'one paw at a time' booklet is packed with advice to help welcome your new arrival

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Share your #prepforpup story

Share your own #PrepforPup top tips & advice for would-be dog owners to help them plan for their new arrival

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