clean eating for dogs

introducing the Houndsley & Houndsley brothers

Our clean eating campaign for dogs hopes to support pet owners by highlighting the many benefits of feeding our four-legged friends a natural balanced diet. We’ve even partnered with two very handsome brothers as our campaign ambassadors; a pair of playful cocker spaniels – the Houndsley Brothers.

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We've put together The Houndsley Brothers’ Guide to Clean Eating for Dogs, a fact-filled downloadable guide, designed to help dog owners understand the benefits of natural foods for dogs. 

The guide celebrates mealtimes, and is packed with advice on canine nutrition and how good food influences both a pet’s health and behaviour. Dog owners can discover how to choose the tastiest and healthiest foods for their dogs, rich in high-quality protein, veggies and essential vitamins and minerals.

The guide also advises on how to create positive associations and great behaviour at mealtimes, plus the best way to use food when dog training, with top tips from UK canine behaviourist Nick Jones. And for those looking to make high quality dog food from scratch, the guide introduces readers to a number of complete and mixer recipes to try out at home. We’ve also included a fab recipe for homemade treats.

The trend for clean eating should not just be of interest for us humans, but for our beloved pets too. Poor canine diet leads to a poor association with mealtimes, fussy eaters, as well as lack luster coats, bad breath, unpleasant or irregular bowel-movements and even disease. Owners will be amazed by the changes in their dogs when they switch to clean, nutrient-dense dog food.


in the press

Telegraph writer Judith Woods switched from the kibble she was feeding her Manchester terriers Otto and Mabel to Forthglade and saw a ‘marked’ positive change in their digestive health and behaviour, as well as noting that her dogs ‘loved’ their Forthglade food, responding with “waggy joy at mealtimes”!

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clean eating guide

for dogs

click the document below to download our clean eating guide for dogs