Adam Henson supports national campaign to 'Dump the Junk' from pets diets

Adam Henson, TV presenter, farmer and lifelong dog owner, has joined forces with us to help lift the lid on pet food ‘nasties’ found in many dog foods. With 85% of UK dog owners stating they’re unsure of the ingredients in today’s pet foods, we’re keen to encourage more owners to check pet food labels and say no to nasties; as they’re not only low in nutritional value, but can be harmful to a dog’s health and behaviour.


clean eating for dogs

introducing the Houndsley & Houndsley brothers


Have you read about our campaign to get dogs happier and healthier?

Our clean eating campaign for dogs hopes to support pet owners by highlighting the many benefits of feeding our four-legged friends a natural balanced diet. We’ve even partnered with two very handsome brothers as our campaign ambassadors; a pair of playful cocker spaniels – the Houndsley Brothers.


dogs get SAD too

seasonal affective disorder in dogs


Find out more about Seasonal Affective Disorder in dogs, and how to prevent it

At this time of year, as the days shorten from reduced daylight and temperatures drop, many Brits will suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It’s a common condition which can make the winter months quite tough. But did you know that our four-legged friends suffer from similar symptoms?