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Here's what our customers are saying about why their time out walking with their dog is so special to them...

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"My pair of monkeys love getting out and about, we explore new places and take different routes to keep it interesting, lots of sniffing, playing ball and meeting people and animals. It's great for them and I get lots of fresh air even when I don't really feel like it. Hollie and Doodle Dog love going to the woods!"

Emsy on Facebook

"Being out with my boy is time to just think, breathe and appreciate our surroundings. Time to escape from everything that is “routine” and get us both some exercise. Does us both good!"

Anna on Facebook

"When life is being a bit pants...when you feel like it's all a battle...just load up the car, and take time out at the beach. All my worries are soon forgotten, even if it's just for that hour. They are a reminder that things are good and that fun can be found in the simple things. I love my boys. 💕❤"

Jacky on Facebook

"I have mental health issues and walking my assistance dog gets me up and out the house even during bad episodes where I would usually just stay in bed all day, it allows me to clear my head and we just have fun together as well as helping me get exercise i would strugglw to do on my own. Sometimes we just wander to the river, sometimes just throw a ball and sometimes explore new areas but it’s a chance to escape from people and just enjoy the quiet and watch her having fun - if she’s happy then I’m happy."

Nicole on Facebook

"I have a really stressful job so walking with Dudley makes me forget all about that, just relax, breathe and laugh at him with his daxie antics. Walking with Dudley is my absolute favourite thing to do."

Linzi on Facebook

"I have a serious lung condition doctors orders I have to walk a minimum of 2 miles daily. Since getting my 14 month old Labrador from a puppy I have no excuse and my lungs have actually stabilised for the first time in 20 years ❤️"

Melanie on Facebook

"My dog is my world and reason for moving. She helps me get up and move and get healthier. I walk her for an hour in the morning and then before school pickup for another hour (stops the tea and biscuit eating) I’ve made loads of new friends and I really enjoy the fresh air and seeing how happy my fur baby is when she’s out n about!"

Laura on Facebook

"My girl was really poorly over Christmas, she had me really worried for a while and so walkies now are just feel good, seeing her ears perked and smelling everything and interested is brilliant!"

Tammy on Facebook

"Walking Freddie is the best part of any day. Perfect chance to take a break and make time to think. All the most important stuff in life I've learnt from walking him. Dogs, more fun and much cheaper than therapy!"

Julie on Facebook

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