Trusted Housesitters

helping pet lovers to travel more

As dog-lovers, we know that the thought of leaving our beloved canine companions behind if we ever need to travel, can be a worry - which is why we've teamed up with TrustedHousesitters, a global community of pet lovers and verified sitters.

It's a fact that if you must leave your pets behind when you travel, they're happier at home. Home is every pet's happy place, so if you can have peace of mind leaving them in the capable hands of a verified and friendly sitter then its a win-win for everyone.

The TrustedHousesitters story began back in 2010 when Andy Peck was stranded at high altitude in the Andes and nearly died. While recovering and sitting for three beautiful dogs in the Spanish countryside Andy realised that pet sitting was the ultimate way to travel, connect with like-minded people and experience the world. He and then-girlfriend (now wife and business partner) Rachel sold his car to buy round-the-world plane tickets and spent the next several months travelling, pet sitting, making lifelong connections and gathering insights that'd inform TrustedHousesitters' business model and unique practices.

Fast forward to 2019 and TrustedHousesitters is a well-established global community of pet lovers helping each other to travel by connecting pet owners with a network of caring and verified sitters. With nearly half a million members across 130 countries, it's the largest house-sitting community in the world.

Since its inception in 2011, TrustedHousesitters has saved pet owners and travellers more than half a billion dollars in pet care and travel costs, and has won awards including Richard Branson’s Virgin VOOM Award for Britain’s most innovative export.

Here for all pets, people, and places, TrustedHousesitters members have cared for animals of all kinds in some extraordinary homes. Pets have included sugar gliders, axolotls, and even a whole farm of llamas and alpacas, while properties have ranged from castles and treehouses to yurts and houseboats.

How does it work?

Made up of both owners and sitters, members pay just once a year to connect and exchange home and pet care for the chance to stay with pets in unique places. As neither member charges money, it’s a special exchange that helps owners travel with true peace of mind while pet-loving sitters get to experience life somewhere new.

With members in over 130 countries and more five-star Trustpilot reviews than any other house and pet sitting platform, TrustedHousesitters is officially the world’s largest and most trusted community of its kind.

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