Remarkable Rosemary

our top 5 reasons to include Rosemary in your dog's diet

Rosemary is a symbol of loyalty and love, wouldn’t you say that’s the perfect description of our wonderful four-legged friends? The benefits of Rosemary are becoming more popular than ever, a potent antioxidant as well an anti-inflammatory it is known to strengthen capillaries and protect against free radical damage. It also poses as a very natural form of preservative and has long associations with improving heart and circulation. With a range of wonderful benefits, we use Rosemary in nearly all our delicious recipes for dogs.

Here are our top 5 benefits that Rosemary can provide for your canine companion:

  • A natural antioxidant

Rosemary is well known for containing antioxidants, these help to reduce free radicals throughout the body and neutralise cell damage. Free radicals have been associated with cell damage related to cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Antioxidants have also been known to improve memory, elevate mood as well as improve recall speed and decline memory degradation.

  • Rosemary can help reduce flatulence and improve digestion

Rosemary can help tackle any unfortunate cases of flatulence your dog may have after eating, sometimes a sign of indigestion. Rosemary can help tackle this and improve digestion, as well as aiding dogs that might have sensitive digestion or gastrointestinal issues.

  • Full of vitamins and fights off nasty bacteria

Rosemary is rich in vitamin b6, potassium and magnesium. Known to be a great pathogen-fighter against food bacteria, rosemary can aid your pet in fighting various nasty fungi and bacteria (especially those pups that like to grab nasty tidbits from the ground). So good that Rosemary has been known to be used on minor cuts and burns and infections of the mouth, stomach and digestion.

  • Add a little shine into that coat & help dogs with skin problems

The wonderful herb has been known to fight harmful skin bacteria and when used externally is known to give a wonderful gloss and shine to a pets coat. A great source of hydration, rosemary can help bring aid to dogs who might suffer from itchy or inflamed skin.

  • Helps to keep your dogs heart healthy

Studies have proven that Rosemary can provide vital strengthening to the heart function and even help dogs that are under stress or showing pangs of anxiety. This is all down to its wonderful antispasmodic abilities, perfect for dogs that can also exhibit strain from separation anxiety.