Puppy Awareness Week

3rd - 9th September 2018

It’s puppy awareness week from 3rd-9th September and we couldn’t be more supportive of the wonderful work that The Kennel Club UK are doing to raise awareness of the poor breeding practices facing prospective puppy owners and to help them welcome their new four-legged family member through a responsible breeder.

There are lots of fantastic, passionate dog breeders out there who want to produce happy healthy puppies, but sadly there are also individuals who put profit before the health and welfare – often keeping their dogs in poor conditions and producing puppies that are unhealthy and may eventually require expensive veterinary treatment.

Shocking statistics from a recent Kennel Club survey found that:

  • A quarter of puppy buyers think they have bought from a puppy farm.
  • More than one in three could not spot if they were buying from a rogue breeder.
  • Almost one third of people don’t see the puppy in its actual breeding environment and amongst these 8 percent had their pup delivered to their door.
  • One in five either don’t see the puppy with its mum, or see it with a dog that they suspect was not the real mum
  • 12 percent pay for their puppy before they have even seen it.
  • Almost one in three (31 percent) who buys online has a pup that gets sick or dies in their first year.

Find out more about Puppy Awareness Week and check out the tips & advice from The Kennel Club UK here.

We recently launched our own campaign; #PrepForPup, aimed at helping would-be and new owners to prepare to welcome their new arrival. Check out our campaign page here for tips & expert advice on everything from puppy proofing your home to socialisation.