Precious Parsley

our top 5 reasons to include Parsley in your dog's diet

Parsley has a long list of health benefits universally recognised to benefit our four-legged friends. Although you wouldn’t normally think of adding parsley to your dog’s diet it's a great source of vitamin K, C and Iron to name a few. In fact, it’s so good that we use it in most of our 100% natural and complete recipes for dogs.

Here are our top 5 benefits that Parsley can provide for your canine companion:

  • May improve bad breath

Parsley is antimicrobial, which means that it helps to prevent bacteria and other germs from growing and therefore can be effective in helping improve bad breath

  • Helps Dogs with Urinary Issues

Parsley leaves have antiseptic properties and can be helpful in treating urinary tract infections. Since parsley is a diuretic, it is also useful in boosting kidney function and can benefit dogs with heart problems because it helps stimulate the kidneys to eliminate the excess fluids in the lungs and/or other organs.

  • Parsley is rich in Vitamin K

Vitamin K is used to regulate blood clotting within your dog, can promote healthy liver function and aids conversion of glucose into glycogen to help your dogs body store energy.

  • Rich in Vitamin C

This well-known vitamin has many benefits for your four-legged friend, and may help to relieve stress. Your dog can get many types of physical and emotional stress from moving house to a little too much exercise. Much research has shown that dogs that have supplemented vitamin C are more resilient to disease and can recover at a quicker rate from illness and even surgery.

  • Helps Dogs Stung by Bees

If your dog has been stung by a bee, you can mash a handful of fresh parsley with a little bit of water and rub it on the bee sting. This remedy not only eliminates some of the pain, but also neutralises the poison.