An update on Cooper

Our Guide Dog in-training

We’ve recently been in touch with Sue, Cooper's puppy walker to find out how he's been getting on over the last couple of months. She told us that cooper is growing into a lovely, calm and laid-back boy and has been making great progress with his training.

Since his last pupdate, Cooper has started to go on free runs, which he’s enjoying. He rarely strays too far from Sue but his recall is excellent when he does, even if he’s playing with another dog. Cooper gets on really well with other dogs and plays very nicely with all he meets.

When walking on the lead, Cooper walks quite nicely and holds a steady pace. He can pull occasionally, usually because he’s seen another dog he’d like to say ‘hello’ to, so this is something that Sue is working on with him. Cooper is great when walking in busy areas and can easily negotiate crowds of people. He doesn’t mind town centres, but he’s not keen on shopping and can get a little bit bored if Sue stops to look at something in shops, so she is trying to build up Cooper’s patience.

Cooper travels by car and bus regularly, which he does with confidence. He quite likes going on the bus and will lie down and wait patiently at the bus stop, and will get up ready to get on as soon as he sees the bus. Cooper has recently been on a train for the first time, which didn’t faze him at all and he was relaxed for the whole journey.

Traffic doesn’t worry Cooper and he’s heard many loud vehicles passing, including motorbikes, lorries and sirens from emergency service vehicles, and doesn’t bat an eyelid. Cooper even experienced his first thunderstorm recently which didn’t unsettle him, and he slept peacefully throughout. Sue said that Cooper wasn’t particularly keen on rain when he was younger but he doesn’t mind it now.

When they’re out, Cooper has been confident negotiating obstacles and different floor surfaces. He’s happy walking up and down all different types of stairs and uses lifts without a second thought. Sue said that Cooper is really good at adapting to different environments and has been very settled and well behaved on the two occasions he’s stayed with boarders recently, and they’ve loved him and would welcome him back any time.

When we spoke to Sue she told us that she was looking after her grandchildren who are three and six years old. Cooper absolutely loves them and was enjoying snuggling with them in their play tent in the back garden.

It sounds like Cooper is a lovely pup and he’s been making good progress with his training over the last couple of months. We hope you have enjoyed his latest pupdate and we’re looking forward to sending another report card to you soon.