Celebrating your dogs' birthday

national poll of UK dog owners

With a staggering 70 percent of UK dog owners celebrating their canine companions’ birthday every single year, we carried out a national poll to find out how they celebrate their dogs' big day!


22 percent of the dog owners polled stated their pet’s birthday was one of their favourite days of the year, while 24 percent claim it’s become even more special since lockdown. 

The study found the average British dog owner splashed out £62 on their canine’s birthday this year - with 50 percent not ashamed to admit that they ALWAYS spend more on their dog than their partner’s birthday. A further 28 percent admit that although they don’t spend more on their dog’s birthday, secretly they would LOVE to indulge them. Little wonder then, perhaps, that three quarters (73 percent) claim their canine companion is their ‘soulmate’. 


And when it comes to who spends the most on their canine’s birthdays, under 30s really roll out the red carpet, splashing £70 on their hound. This compares to the over 60s, who spend just £19 on their four-legged friend. Meanwhile, 46 percent of the nation’s dog owners believe that younger generations are far more likely to spend more on their furry friend’s birthday, with 55 percent of 16-29-year-olds admitting they often feel influenced by social media when it comes to treating and spoiling their four-legged friend. 

And while a whopping 84 percent of owners know their dog’s real birthday, 69 percent of those who aren’t aware of the actual date, have made one up; ensuring they can still celebrate. 

More than HALF (54 percent) of the nation’s canine companions will receive brand new toys for their birthday this year, while 39 percent will sit down to enjoy a gourmet meal; either handmade by their owner or bought in, especially. 

A third (33 percent) of dogs will receive a snazzy new collar, 29 percent will start the day with a deluxe birthday breakfast, 31 percent will be lucky enough to listen to their owner sing ‘happy birthday’ to them, and 27 percent will tuck into a dog friendly birthday cake. 

18 percent of dogs will receive a birthday card on their special day this year, while two in five (40 percent) will be taken on an extra-long walk as a special treat. And later in the evening, 44 percent will enjoy extra cuddles on the sofa, before settling down to watch a favourite dog themed film like Lassie or 101 Dalmatians (11 percent). 

The research found that if lockdown restrictions are lifted, more than one in 10 (13 percent) of canines will be taken to meet their dog pals in the local park for a birthday walk. 

And the study found that 53 percent of owners admit they dream about one day hosting a lavish party for their beloved dog and its four-legged friends; if money was no object. 37 percent would love to treat their dog to a long walk, with a tasty spread of dog friendly treats (32 percent) and a garden party (29 percent). There would be animal friendly party games to enjoy (23 percent), group photos (20 percent) and even special doggie party bags to take home (22 percent).

To celebrate doggy milestones across the country and fifty years of making natural recipes for canine companions, we’ve got lots planned to help make this year special! Find out more here and share snaps of your dogs' big day with us by using #ForthgladeAt50.