50 for 50 charity initiative

May Charity Giveaway


Throughout the month of May we asked you to vote for ten deserving charities to receive a share of a whopping 10,000 trays of our Devon-made dogs dinners, as part of our birthday celebrations charity initiative. What better way to celebrate our big 5-0 than supporting four-legged friends awaiting their forever homes or for assistance dogs training to be a life saver and loyal companion. Find out more about the deserving charities who have received their donation of dinners...

“German Shepherd Rescue Elite is a charity run by a dedicated team of volunteers nationwide. We do not have a centre but instead use foster homes and commercial boarding kennels. Every penny really does go towards the care of the dogs so receiving such a wonderful donation from Forthglade does make a difference to our dogs as not only are they getting a good quality meal, but it means the money saved can go towards something else for them. Thank you Forthglade!”

German Shepherd Rescue Elite


“We are so grateful to Forthglade for their great generosity. So many dogs are coming to us, and they all love Forthglade! Thank you also to all our supporters who voted for us"

Dogs Friends Rescue

"We are so thankful to Forthglade for this amazing donation, as a small charity we rely heavily on food donations and it means so much to receive this pallet! It's been a really hard year and we couldn't do it without help, so thank you so much Forthglade! The dogs have been absolutely loving it, so thank you from them too"

Clarks Farm


“We are thrilled to be included in this brilliant initiative, which helps to feed our rescue dogs with nutritious and delicious food before they find their forever homes. Thanks to Forthglade for helping us care for our dogs and continue our important work"

All Dogs Matter

 "We take in and rehome unwanted and abandoned animals, the food donations we receive are vital to our charity as they help take off some of the financial strains the rescue faces. The pallet of food we received from Forthglade is absolutely amazing so we would like to say a massive thank you to you all"

Pennine Pen Animal Rescue


“We rehome around 700 dogs each year from our centre in Cambridgeshire, many of which require months of medical and behavioural rehabilitation before being matched with loving new homes. We also help pet owners in need of advice, hands-on support and essential supplies for their pets. Pleas for help from pet owners are currently higher than ever due to the impact of COVID-19 but, thanks to the generosity of supporters like Forthglade, we can continue to be here for vulnerable pets and pet owners at every step of the way”

Wood Green 

"Hope Rescue saves the lives of stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs that need a second chance. We also help owners in crisis who need to surrender their dogs, giving them peace of mind that their dogs will be rehomed responsibly. The last 18 months have been difficult, and we’re now starting to see an increase in demand on our services as lockdown restrictions ease. In these challenging times we are so grateful that there are people like Forthglade who are as passionate about dogs as we are. This donation will mean we can say yes to the next dog who needs us"

Hope Rescue

"Our 50th Anniversary Donation will make a huge difference for our dogs, we are content that they are all on a well-balanced diet, thankyou for your support in these challenging times. Happy Anniversary Forthglade from us all at West Yorkshire Dog Rescue"

West Yorkshire Dog Rescue

“We're delighted to receive our very generous donation from Forthglade. The food is essential to provide good nutrition for our rescues who aren’t always in great condition when they come into our care.  Forthglade is nutritious, easy on the stomach & the dogs seem to find it very tasty.  It’s perfect and ensures they get the best start nutritionally when they arrive in our care"

Last Chance Hotel

"When we see the sad and distressing state of some of the dogs that arrive at our doors, we tend to lose faith in ‘humankind’ somewhat.  However, kindness such as the food from Forthglade really does help to restore our faith and for that we are also very grateful"


We're giving away another 10,000 trays this month so to vote for your charity of choice click here!