The wonder of nettle

Our top 5 reasons why you should include nettle in your dogs diet

Most of us have been had a run-in with a stinging nettle in our lifetime, so it’s no surprise that as humans we generally consider the nettle plant to be a weed and a nuisance – but despite our feelings, Nettle is one of the most versatile and nutritive herbs you’re likely to come across. In fact, it’s so good that we use it in most of our 100% natural & complete recipes for dogs.

Once completely dried, Nettle can be safely used to support your dog’s health in lots of ways and here's our favourite five uses for it.

  • It helps allergies & skin irritations

Surprisingly, nettle is known to help allergies and skin conditions – the very thing we all know it to cause! The reaction nettle causes, occurs only when the plant is alive and it won’t cause any nasty reactions once fully dried or boiled. A daily supplement of dried nettle sprinkled over your dog’s food can help to alleviate symptoms of allergies & skin conditions.

  • Nettle has antibacterial & astringent properties

Nettle can be used topically to help treat skin ailments and is known for its naturally occurring astringent properties which promote clotting and prevent bleeding – so much so that it’s widely recommended as a herbal treatment for nosebleeds in us humans.

  • It’s a natural diuretic

Due to it’s naturally occurring diuretic properties, Nettle can support the kidneys by helping to flush out excess fluids which in turn can also help to prevent your dog from getting painful & uncomfortable urine infections.

  • It contains lots of essential vitamins

Nettle contains lots vitamins which are essential to maintaining the overall health of our four-legged friends, including; vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K & vitamin B complex. These minerals support lots of key functions of the body including, building & maintaining body tissue, promoting a healthy coat and supporting healthy liver, kidney & lung function amongst many!

  • It’s packed full of health supporting minerals

Nettle contains lots of minerals which support the overall health & well being of your dog, including; Iron which supports the production of red blood cells, Calcium & Phosphorous which work together in the body to maintain the growth and health of bones, Magnesium which helps the body absorb & vitamins and minerals and produce protein, along with Potassium which supports the muscles, nervous system and fluid balance throughout the body.