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Our cold pressed natural dry food is made by taking lots of tail-waggingly tasty ingredients and doing as little as possible to them before they reach your dog's bowl. This unique process means that each bite-sized piece retains the natural flavour, aroma & goodness of the ingredients.


100% natural

We only use 100% natural ingredients,  along with added vitamins & minerals


made in the EU

Each recipe is carefully made by our team of cold pressing experts in Holland


grain free

We've two recipes designed specifically for dogs with grain allergies or sensitive tummies



A complete meal containing everything your dog needs to stay happy and healthy



Each recipe is free from common allergens


free from junk

free from artificial colours, flavours & fillers

what our customers are saying

"We’ve been feeding Reggie on Forthglade for several months and the change in his coat has been amazing, so silky and smooth and I’m sure it’s also helped with his shedding. Would never use any other brand as Forthglade is definitely the best."

Linda on Facebook

"As soon as we brought our puppy home we noticed that she was always producing runny poos. After speaking to a friend who is also a dog trainer and she mentioned your cold pressed duck dry food and also your duck, sweet potato and veg wet food for puppies. Since changing her onto your food she has had solid poos. We also give our puppy your treats as well. Now have to be very careful with what we give her. She will be 1 next month so it will be interesting putting her onto your adult food. Her coat is shiny too"

Philippa from London

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