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The Great Dog Walk Together initiative was set up this year by Elaine Brown, a Bristol resident and mum to Rupert, a rather adorable Westie. The aim of the project is to encourage dog walkers to join together in community dog walks, to promote health and wellbeing, whilst making new friends along the way. 

The initiative launched back in the summer of 2018, with a Bristol-based dog walk with lots of very excited dogs! The BBC turned up to record a piece for the radio and also the local TV news. BBC natural history presenter and dog-lover Miranda Krestovnikoff came along to help launch the inaugural local walk, with her beloved German Shepherd.

“I’m thrilled to be supporting this great initiative because it’s such a wonderful way for people within their community to meet up, enjoy the outdoors and develop friendships,”.

said Miranda Krestovnikoff 


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Elaine Brown, said of the day

“We hope that the launch is just the very beginning of The Great Dog Walk Together and will encourage more people to arrange their own group dog walks via our website and in their community. It’s such a lovely way to meet new people - and seeing all these smiles today, it really demonstrates the value of meeting up with others with our beloved dogs by our side.”.
I hope the initiative encourages more people to benefit from more social interaction through walking their canine companions. Dogs provide such an easy starting point for any conversation as you immediately have something in common with fellow dog walkers. Regular exercise and social interaction is so key to staying fit and well – both mentally and physically, and the great thing about dog walks is they’re totally free” said Elaine.

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