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This month we’ve teamed up with our friends at PitPat to give three dog owners the chance to win a healthy start to the new year for their four-legged friend, with a PitPat2 dog activity monitor along with a feast of delicious, Devon-made Forthglade goodies.

The Cambridge-based PitPat team have worked with vets to create their simple to use dog activity monitor which allows you to see how much walking, running, resting and playing your dog does as well as allowing you to track your pooch’s progress, achieve goals, earn rewards and share your dog’s activity with friends, vets & trainers. Much like the well known Fitbit for us humans, the PitPat is a great way for keeping on top of the activity your dog is doing and letting you know when you need to be doing more.

The PitPat device has been designed with ease in mind – it’s waterproof, lightweight,  attaches to any collar and has a year-long battery life with no recharging needed. The app is free to download, simple to understand and packed full of interesting insights into your dogs’ activity levels and how this could affect their overall health & wellbeing.

Our three lucky winners will also receive £60 worth of grain free complete wet Forthglade meals, each packed with a mix of natural and nutritious ingredients aimed at providing your dog with the nourishment it deserves.

Click here to find out more about PitPat.

Click here to shop the grain free complete wet meal range.