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Supporting The Woodland Trust

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No matter what the season, a long walk in the woods with our canine companion is one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s a chance to enjoy fresh air, the sounds of nature and the sight of our beloved dog wagging it’s tail, just before it totally vanishes into the undergrowth – reappearing just minutes later from a totally different direction!

Our wonderful woods are part of the UK landscape which the Woodland Trust works so hard to protect, along with the nature living within it, and we are pleased to be able to offer our support.

The Woodland Trust started its work in 1972 close to us, in the heart of Devon.  It has since become the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity and is committed to protecting and restoring the UK’s ancient forests, protecting woodland wildlife and conserving woodlands for future generations to enjoy. We’re thrilled to have become an official sponsor to help support the charity throughout 2018.

Since the Woodland Trust launched, over 38,000,000 trees have been planted, over 600 woodland areas saved, and 22,500 hectares of ancient woodland are being carefully restored. The Woodland Trust has almost 1000 woods which are dog friendly and the charity works hard to encourage families to explore and enjoy these beautiful green spaces.

Visit  to learn more about projects that will inspire your family to get outdoors and explore. There are nature detective programmes for children to enjoy and even initiatives to encourage little ones to become Citizen Scientists; so whether you’ve got a wannabe Bear Grylls or a mini Sir David Attenborough, your local woods are the perfect setting to start an adventure and your four-legged friend will be right beside you – or more realistically, five strides ahead!

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